The Center


The Center is an independent Lebanese institution that was founded in Beirut in 1990 to take part in developing a new strategic awareness. To achieve this goal, the Center concentrated, since its establishment, on the geopolitical and strategic transformations that stormed the world since the end of the Cold War and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, especially their repercussions on the Arab and Islamic worlds.
The Center is also interested in the issues concerning of the Arab regional order and the various suborders including the structural relations between the three spheres: The Arab, the Iranian and the Turkish. In view of these repercussions and their wide - ranging impact on the security, political, economic, cultural and military levels, the Center defined various main spheres that its activities - seminars, research workshops, research programmes and publications - should concentrate on, being.
- The Arab - Israeli struggle.
- The Arab Order.
- The neighboring Islamic
countries, especialy, Turkey and Iran.
- The international strategies and policies that have an impact on the Middle East.
General Supervisor
S. Hussein Musavi
General Consultant
Ibrahim Farhat
Scientific Consultant
Talal Atrissi
Executive Director
Monzer Fawaz
Editor - In - Chief:
Muhammad Noureddine
Academic Consulting Board


Hamid Ahmadi
Sadiq Aynawand
Volker Perthes
George Jabbour
Sayar Al-Jamil
Antoine Haddad
Samir Sulaiman
Muhammad Al-
Said Abdulmumin
Muhammad Al-
Sayed Slim
Ghassan Al-Izzi
Wajih Kawtharani
Victor El-Kik
Shafik Al-Masri
Antoine Massarra
Michel Naufal
Kayhan Barzegar
Kadir Nasri
Muhammed Ali Muhtedi
Shahrayar Niyazi





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